Sunday, 20 November 2016

Thank you note 2016

As always Im very glad and happy to be able to prepare breakfast for you people, I hope it had somehow cheer your morning up in this traditional november morning weather. Also, I just realized that B@G's has been rolling into the 3rd year, though at times, the preparation goes late into the night, not eating properly myself while thinking if the food is enough for everyone (I should take care of myself first before taking care of others...haha) but in the end, those smiles and hugs said it all.
And here comes my annual thank you note, because behind every effort, there are people, who have given one or two hands in the making.
1. Sometimes, there is an 'elf' that comes in the late evening to help. but most of the time, im all alone.
2. people who drop by in the evening to say hello.
3. the awesome interns from the center, they are just brilliant. The intern changes every season and it is a privileged to work with different people and they always amazed me, just super nice people.
4. To the monikulttuurikeskus gloria, thank you for the place and opportunity. Johanna is doing the instant on-the-spot instagram thingy (pic below taken by her;) )
5. to the food producer, transportation, seller.
6. to the local organic coffee roaster.
6. and etc, I dont remember now.
Thank you very much, kiitos paljon, Terima Kasih, xie xie! See you again next year (hopefully!)
In the mean time, have a nice end of the year time, be kind, happy, remember to breathe. Invite me to your home for making and having breakfast/brunch time together.
p/s: B@G's is going to the direction of organic, trying to get as much as possible ingredients organically. This time around, the organic ingredients were; flour, apples, peanut butter, tofu, soy sauce, beans, matcha, cashewnuts, to name a few.
Rise and shine, baby!
<3 J

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