Sunday, 30 March 2014

Oh Spring...

Oh spring, its time to have a green thumb :D

mine and taking care someone's as well :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

how did it started?

I have been asked how did I come up with this breakfast idea?

It happened so, on last summer where I was craving for some sweet stuffs like sweet rolls, cake, pancakes to name a few. These could be easily get from the shop but often too sweet for my taste and so I had to make them myself. First by checking out recipes and videos from Tube where I bumped into Jamie Oliver's cooking series, that baguette with guacamole grilled chicken looked exceptionally good that inspired me right away(it appeared in our first breakfast's menu without the chicken...hehe). Then, I heard myself saying out loud Breakfast+Coffee in Multicultural Center Gloria, thats the only place I know that one can make idea happens. Excited about the idea, immediately I shared it with one of my good friend, Gaby where she was in Malawi that time, doing her training and will be coming back to Finland before the summer ends. She loved the idea and instantly agreed to be part of the project. The next day, I brought the idea to people in center to get it official in their calendar. They loved the idea.

Other than that, Im a morning person, though I dont get up at 5 or 6 in the morning but I have made getting up early in the morning as a habit since I dont have a job, Im not working for anyone, I would start my day slow and easy, a cup of cappuccino with book or sometimes making art before making myself a good set of breakfast(not breakfast anymore by that time, brunch I would say) before going out to meet and talk with people or handle some official matters.

And starting this year, this project is funded from my own pocket. So, people who has been working hard, having a job they like or dislike, always in hurry and no time for making breakfast, I think they need to spend at least an hour in the morning/brunch time to come and enjoy a good homemade meal on a nice friday. If your job requires mainly a portable computer and wifi, bring it with you, set up a temporary cubic at matara's lobby or if the weather is awesome, get out there and work.

Till then,
have a nice sunny days :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Thank you note - 4

Hello morning-goers!

I hope you did enjoyed the breakfast and brunch. This time, I was thrilled that my finnish teacher appeared at the door and my mother-in-law came all the way from southern finland to help me preparing the food for these 2 days, till really late at night. She was probably as exhausted as I was. Other than her, There were 2 people who gave their helping hands too; Tarja and Niina. And oh Frida for being the treasurer. And the people from the Multicultural Center. Thank you so much for your help and support.

For the veganist, Im sorry that the food wasnt fit for you but it gave me an idea that maybe there would be a Vegan breakfast next time.

Till then,
see you in the next breakfast on 11.4

some photos from saturday


Monday, 17 March 2014

And also the next if you cant make it on friday, see you on saturday.

5 days to go

Good morning,

How are you feeling this morning?

Im glad that my espresso machine got fixed now. The milk frother hose came off from too much pressure otherwise everything seemed to be fine. Another good news is that I have found someone to help me out.
Other than that, I have a decent to-do list for this week, starting off;

- hygenic test
- ingredients shopping and etc
- borrow a kitchen
- perhaps a visit to the employment office
- food preparation
- menu list
 and lots of sleep...haha

Have a nice sunny day :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hey morning-goers

Hello spring,

As the sun rises in the morning every few minutes earlier than the previous day, waking up is no longer a problem and as the temperature has risen as well, we just want to grab our bikes and head out early, to somewhere nice or new, an endless exploration but first you can stop by for a breakfast before continuing your journey. 

Here some updates:

Im glad to find somebody to help me for the month of April and June but Im still looking for someone to help me for this month and May. 

And my decent espresso machine went crazy during the cleaning process. Well, it works fine now but not the milk frother. A matter that I need to examine deeper with a screwdriver. In the mean time, only espresso is available.

So, there are 2 dates for this month and also in conjunction with celebration of Activity Center Matara's(Kansalaistoiminnankeskus) 2nd anniversary.

Friday/Perjantai 21.3
09:00 - 12:00
Programs: International Day Against Racism

Saturday/Lauantai 22.3
10:00 - 14:00
Programs: Flea Market

Menu will be announced later.