Monday, 2 December 2013

development idea

Thank you again for coming to the past few breakfast events. They have no plans if they would want to do breakfast event for next year but they have been getting some feedbacks and been asked by people, 'is there any breakfast next friday?' - Sorry not anymore for this year! And Jilin's breakfast dear partner has gone back home to her country for good at the moment, so Jilin isnt very sure if she could make it on her own but she is looking for someone who could be her next project partner, someone who has;
  • passion for cooking and baking, he or she doesnt need to be a masterchef as long as the person has the motto of learning by doing.
  • a morning person.
  • adventurous - one of the thing is food improvisation.
  • an ecological person.
  • good in handling money.
  • loves volunteering - work hard but fun.
  • speak english, finnish and or other languages.
  • and etc...
Since the feedback has been a positive one. Over the weekend, while Jilin was resting and rejuvenate from tiredness, an idea has hit her, a sort of development idea. Lets see what will happen!