Sunday, 19 March 2017

breakfast day 17.3

Oh dear, I forgot to update the next breakfast day, it was on the 17.3 friday. I know, it still doesnt have strong marketing or even word of mouth. The community circle and the new/old interns will know that there is a friday where someone will come to breakfast for the whole family. At times or a visualization session has happened on expanding it a bit broadly, yet there are some lacking in some areas; such as manpower and enthusiastic people plus procrastination plus uncertainty.

But last friday, I cut short on my usual running wild despair thoughts during the preparation when a strong affirmation came out within me as I said it out and clear 'Im going make the best soup and the best bread' while cutting the carrots. And the bread came out beautifully as I could feel it already while I was kneading them, the nice bouncy soft dough between my hands, just give a down to earth feeling.

For dessert, I made a mung bean(monggo)with ready pastry, something I like back home called tau sar piah, in other languages; bakpia (indonesia) and hopia(the philippines). So as requested, I made the filipino versio of hopia even though I have no idea how it would taste. Mine version as I know, it contains mungbean, sugar and fried shallots. Anyway, the dessert was confirmed by an authentic filipino that it tasted just like the hopia back home.

organic: flour, mung beans, lentils, butter, oil, salt, apple, banana

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Yesterday's breakfast; rice congee, fresh bread, salad and coconut pudding.