Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thanks for coming to the breakfast yesterday and all the amazing helped that I got in the morning as it happened to be quite challenging and stressful for me this time, for some reasons. They were things that I did not happy about, like...

1. the banana cake was pretty dry and flat as I have never ever made a cake, a proper cake that needs the cake mixer machine to mix sugar and eggs first, following proper procedure accordingly and so I had to make another time which turned out better. 

2. the veggies fries were soft and soggy as I did not have full patience to get them really crispy but then they would be burn black. But the kale turned out to be fantastic, they stayed crisp like chips for long.

3. the yogurt sauce...gosh!

something that failed....

4. the sauce, yogurt sauce failed twice in making. That put in total panic and disappointment then came some improvisation, there is still a normal yogurt in the fridge.

the preparation, thursday evening...

Started at my friend's place for 3.5hours, making the bread and cake but I had to redo the cake and made more breads. In the center's Kitchen, spent about 5 hours, making bread, patties, cake and still need to cut the veggies in slices to be ready in the morning for baking. And of course, the sauce. During fying the patties, my mind was running wild with despair thoughts. A friend came by later to help in cutting the veggies, I then failed in making the sauce so that was it, time to go back and get some rest. 

friday morning...

As usual, I was the first one to be in the Center, to get ready for the breakfast and I was kinda panic and stressed as there were so many things to do and no one was here yet even after 8.30am. Again, despair thoughts visited me. Until 6 amazing people arrived to help, things started to run again, faster as their willingness to help, put me back on track, They were amazing.

Till next time, see you on 17 Oct

J <3

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